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See, a little about me before we get started (I'm the owner btw) my name is Amber Wagner. I'm 28, from Los Angeles CA. And straight forward. I LOVE HAIR! ALL HAIR! natural, extensions, long, short, colored, I have a fascination about it. I even went to beauty school thinking I was going to be a cosmetologist but the Lord had other plans lol. It's just something about the feel of it, different textures, and being able to switch up the look you want so often that I think is amazing. Thats why I'm here back in business for a second time to provide you all w. Above average, immaculate, sexy, amazing quality bundles! And OH YES! I do stand by my products 100%


Quality, Reasonable, Wig units

philippians 4:13

                                                                          So now I bet your wondering "WHY SHOULD I BUY YOUR WIGS... WHAT SEPARATES YOU FROM THE REST" & honestly I would have to say my passion and drive to bring you the BEST quality wigs for a resonable price... Listen I'm just like you and I got tired of paying hundreds for hair that wasn't worth it then trying to get a refund and the owner no longer responds or im blocked lol! I've been there sis believe me! So I guess what i'm saying is I will definitely try my best to meet your expectations and provide great customer service guaranteed!                                                                                                                      Sincerely yours, A.Wagner

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All ordes take 1-2 days for proccesing & no more then 3 days for shipping. Once your order is on its way you'll receive an email with tracking number.


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